RF-fence is a cost-effective IoT solution that keeps an eye on a store carts fleet preventing thefts and losses of shopping carts. The system provides an accurate location of carts whenever they leave the store area or its parking. It allows to retrieve stolen carts easily and to keep merchandise running with a complete fleet.

RF-fence trackers are compact communication modules designed to sustain harsh retail usage scenarios such as considerable outdoors environmental changes, continuous shocks and vibration, and misuse. Trackers enclosures are available in a variety of shapes and materials tailored for a specific construction and installation either internally or externally on a shopping cart.

Trackers feature a set of low-power communication and sensory technologies that in combination with adaptive tracking algorithms provide months of continuous operation and communication.

Rf-fence solution offers a set of unique services that allows to efficiently managing and protecting fleet of shopping carts and other store mobile assets:

  • Geo-fencing
  • Real-time theft alerts and notifications
  • Instantaneous locations of every unit in a fleet
  • Retrieval assistance – directions and paths
  • Integration with indoor BLE-based localization systems
  • Fleet management platform and historical data
  • Reports on average usage of carts
  • Data export and API